Project 2

Final Portfolio Part 1

Initial Project Formulation

This first stage of project development is often the most difficult for many students. It is highly unlikely that the project you present in the Final Critique will look anything like this initial incarnation. Give yourself permission to play with several ideas at once–brainstorm. Pretend you have the technical and financial means to do something you can’t imagine doing. Describe or sketch the work in as much detail as you can without knowing how you might accomplish your goals. Be ambitious. Fantasize. Don’t hesitate to talk to me about your ideas, either.

After two weeks of formulation, you will present this earliest stage of your project as a draft proposal posted on your blog. Try not to worry about “finishing” the work at this point. In fact, don’t worry about any of the things you usually worry about with a creative project such as presentation, reception, etc. This is an exercise in trusting the process and seeing what develops.