Project 4

Final Portfolio Part 3

Project Realization

For this third iteration of the project, please thoughtfully reflect on comments and criticism you have received to date. What has been said about your work that you have found particularly helpful? What was particularly difficult to hear? This is your opportunity to rigorously interrogate the weaker parts of the project so that you might tweak them to make it better. What will you spend the rest of your time in this class doing? How will you budget your time and finances so that unexpected problems that arise (which you may as well expect) do not throw you completely off track?

This is also your opportunity to practice writing an artist’s statement. Although you will edit the final statement down from this working document, please write a minimum of one page (typed in 12-point font in black ink on white paper, of course) about the project. Practice elevating your writing style from conversational vernacular. Remember that this is an academic paper and should conform to appropriate grammatical and syntactical standards.

An additional component of this final iteration is the creation of an archival edition print. Each of you will select one image (your personal favorite) from your project to print at 8 x 10″, centered on an 11 x 14″ sheet of archival paper. The print must be “editioned” in the exact number of students in the class, plus me. Each of you will then take a print from each other, effectively creating a “print suite”. I’ll work closely with you on how best to automate the process of printing perfect edition prints, but it is up to you to make sure you show up to the final critique with not only all your work from the semester, but your signed and numbered archival edition.