Project 3

Final Portfolio Part 2

Project Visualization

By now you have presented your initial ideas for the project and have probably received some feedback from the class as to the merit and feasibility of your ideas. Now it is time to move beyond imagining the work to actually visualizing it.

What form will it take? What media/materials will be involved? Who is your intended audience? Where and how would the audience encounter the work? What do you hope to accomplish by producing this work? How long will it take? How much will it cost?  Which artists, writers, etc. have influenced you?  What will your methodology be for producing the work? Can you delineate and order the steps from conception to realization? Perhaps most importantly, what does it look like in your mind?


  1. Please address the above questions by writing a minimum of four paragraphs about your proposed project. Include any support material necessary (sketches, storyboards, URLs, examples of previous work, etc.).
  1. Your written project visualization is to be posted on your blog.  See Schedule for due date.