Project 5

Final Portfolio

Photographers should not put pictures in a box under their beds and be the only ones to see them. If they put film in their cameras it presupposes that they want to record what they see and show somebody else. Photography is about communication.

  • David Hurn, from The Picture Essay, a conversation between David Hurn and Bill Jay, published in On Being A Photographer : Bill Jay and David Hurn

Your final portfolio is a self-proposed project of a minimum of 20 related photographs on a theme or idea from something you’ve read, experienced or feel strongly about. The major goal of the final portfolio is to synthesize the skills, techniques, and creative concepts developed throughout the course while honing your personal aesthetic.

The images in the portfolio should cohesively illustrate thoughts you are trying to express.  Use the techniques you’ve learned over the semester to create a portfolio of professionally presented prints.

Show only those works that reflect your conceptual concerns and vision in a cohesive manner. It is important that the work in the portfolio demonstrates your sense of vision and craft. While the project you’re preparing the portfolio for may include a significant number of images, an initial portfolio of 20 images is not uncommon to show given the amount of time someone may spend with you and/or just the work. If they’re interested in the first 20, then there will most likely be opportunities to show the other images. With a print portfolio, it is suggested that the work is printed the same size and on the same material. The size of the prints should be such that most importantly demonstrate your vision and what the work is about.

  1. Your project must have a title. Please change the sub-page “Final Project” in your online portfolio to “Title of your project“:: Final Project
  1. Your project must have 20 photographs (at a minimum)
  1. One-page artist statement (typed) that discusses the work presented in the final portfolio, including why you were inspired to develop the subject matter, how you utilized your photographic vision and use of materials to reveal and articulate your conceptual concern(s) and intentions, as well as the interpretive possibilities you want the viewer to consider.

Give particular attention to the following:

  • Edit and sequencing of work in the portfolio. Avoid duplication of similar  types of imagery unless it is a function of your conceptual concern.

• Consistent image sizing, material sizing and use of materials.

  • Refined sense of technical craftsmanship, including correct image density and

contrast, color balance and print finishing.

For the portfolio presentation, please present the following:

• Minimum of twenty (20) and no more than a maximum of twenty five (25) finished

photographic images that reflect focused attention on a conceptual

concern/interest/curiosity through your photographic vision and sense of

technical  execution and craftsmanship.

  • For each print, outline the  Photoshop skills employed.

The evaluation of the final project will consist of the following considerations:

  • Development of your vision, conceptual engagement and approach of photographic strategies through your use of aesthetic considerations, including the use and application of photographic theory and principles, the role and use of light,the nature of photographic description, compositional organization strategies and techniques in suggesting emphasis of pictorial content.
  • Technical execution and sense of craftsmanship with the photographs, including global and local correction and/or enhancement.
  • Professional completion of the project, including image finishing and a consistent image presentation technique.